18 Jan 2016

HomeLifeProject // 16th January 2016

saw this little project over on MayBushStudio. Of recording just normal life. A snapshot of your weekend in photos. Being a scrapbooker I loved this idea!

Here's my Saturday in collage format. Our weekends are always so busy fitting in seeing family, visiting friends and catching up on chores.

This weekend has been far more relaxing! And more family time.
I use Instagram as my main form of photo sharing. I love the filters! But also I love being able to record pictures and be able to note down a quick memory. 
This picture is a pretty standard one. Part of my daily routine. 
The youngest loves the Gruffolo. A lot. But it's always nice to break from the same book with a reading of The Monkey Puzzle. I do enjoy reading Julia Donaldson to the boys. They read so well. 
I treasure most pictures I take of the boys. But the ones I take of them together. They really fill me with love. Becoming a mum is special. Watching their sibling relationship grow  is so lovely to be a part of.

There is a little slice of one weekend in January. One little snapshot into what our lives out like right now. Being bundled up in puffy coats, eating supermarket curries and browsing through shopping centres.

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