22 Jan 2016

Edwards Family Cookbook // Pork Shoulder Curry

The problem with cooking a curry - it never photographs very well. Does not matter how yummy it is, the pictures never really do it justice - especially at 8pm at night, in a little kitchen when your so hungry that you want devour it all as you have been smelling it all evening while getting the kids to bed. Therefore the photos are rushed, but the idea was there.

Now this creation tasted amaze! A slight homemade concoction - but I made a point of making a note of the amount of things I used. Whereas just normally I chuck it all in and mostly it turns out ok. (I say mostly as there has been a few disasters in my past)

I am not a fan of tomatoes in any sense really - and this is usually the base in lots of curries, instead I turned to one of my favourite things : Butternut squash. I love it, I hate cutting it and roasting it. I have since discovered a little trick - cook it in the slow cooker. Literally take squash, turn slow cooker on, put in slow cooker, leave. I left mine all day while at work on low - but a few hours on high would also do the trick. It keeps together and you can lift out of the pot - one soft fully cooked squash. Using this as base to my curries is lovely - 1. you are getting some of your five a day right there 2. it offers a lovely mellow flavour to curry which can handle adding in either the heat or the coconutty flavours.

I have a cupboard full to bursting of pots of seasonings (I buy lots of ready mixed one but I have a dream of buying glass jars and swirling together spices and flavours together! One day) and most of my cooking involves a combination of flavours and spice mixes. We live in an area where getting hold of these mixes is no problem - the local supermarket have the world food aisles offering spicing from all around the world. The Dunns River Everyday Seasoning is a staple and is a mix Salt, paprica, coriander, chilli, onion, garclic, celery salt. Its a great all rounder.

I did also in madness attempt some homemade naans (my previous attempt was not so good) - but these were much better. They rose well and grilling them made the difference. I used a reciepe from Gill Holcombe Cookbook Fish pies and French fries. I have 3 of her cookbooks and they are great reference books offering good, wholesome family food.

(Also check me another page to go in our Edwards Family Cookbook at the end of the year!)

I've added the recipe below, it really gets the thumbs up from us. And was epic on the leftover days.

  • One whole slow roasted butternut squash
  • Pork shoulder steaks cubed. (I use the pork shoulder steaks as I think the flavour is great and they cook down soft in curries)
  • 1 onions diced
  • 1 pepper chopped (I used red)
  • 1 sachet of coconut cream
  • 1 tsp thyme
  • 2 tsp of a mixed seasoning.
  • 1 tsp of ground cumin
  • 2 tbsp on curry seasoning. I used a mild one but if you like the heat up it!

Brown meat, add onions and peppers and all the seasoning. Mix well and cook until the veg are soft.

Add a cup of hot water and scrap the bottom of the pan to get all the flavour up.

Scoop out the butternut squash and add the creamed coconut sachet into the pan.

Stir well until the creamed coconut is well mixed.

Lower the curry to a simmer.

Additional note : I added a cup of red lentils into the curry at this point, it was worth it!

Leave to simmer for about an hour.

Serve with white rice. (and homemade naan bread if you have the time!)

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  1. Good one Leanne, I will be giving this a go...Thank you xx