8 Jan 2016

Christmas with the Edwards // 2015

That's it. Another year done.

Another year where i resolve not to buy so much food, or as many presents, or that I will be better organised. But we got to the end and some pretty good memories to go with it.

Christmas Eve

My one day to host - so naturally I went all out and kept all the guests fed and watered. I love being in the kitchen so much and this does make me happy - even if at times a little stretched with oven space, time and sides on the kitchen. We had Christmas cake, caramel gingerbread cake, gingerbread biscuits, mince pies, cheese straws, treacle covered ham, pigs in "duvets" (my upgrade from pigs in blankets, as they were covered in puff pastry), chicken wings and party food galore. And lots of wine and the hubby whipped up a rum punch.

Its a little tradition to have all out friends round and to just relax. My sister came round and the kids  with their Christmas eve boxes, after eating all the food and sneaking chocolate - before whisking them into pjs and everyone bidding farewells before its time to play Santa. M took himself off to bed about 9.40 unable to stay awake any longer.

Christmas Day
There is a method to my madness - by having later night than normal it means the following morning is not as early as it could be. Even with M being as full of beans as he was. He cam running in the morning shouting " Mummy. I have been good - Santa came" That is what makes the magic right there. We all bundled in the bed with the stockings as they tore through their blind bags, socks and pants and colouring pencils galore. We managed a whole hour in bed before facing the front room. They were so good with waiting to have some breakfast - while staring longingly at their pile of presents. They took it in turns and opened the presents with gasps of oh and ahs. Happy smiley faces as they tore open the presents.

A lazy morning followed of clearing the carnage, drinking bucks fizz and little man taking a nap - before zooming off to my parents for dinner. Which was full of the yummy all the trimmings stuff. Littlest refused to join the kids tables, and insisted on sitting on his dads lap the whole time. But he enjoyed his dinner. After dinner more presents, more wrapping paper, and more thank yous. Before relaxing on the sofa for a bit. Then dispatching two very tired boys back home.

Boxing Day

A day of sorting, playing, pjs, tea and more wine. We headed off the inlaws today, where the kids opened more presents, we ate more food and relaxed even more. I built lots of legos, drank champagne and then had an almighty slip on the kitchen floor and caused some damage to my back (which is now thankfully a lot better!)

It really was a lovely relaxing but busy at the same time Christmas. We saw lots of family and friends, and to me that s the important part of the whole period. Spending that time with people, saying thank you for the love and support over the year and joining together.

Roll on Christmas 2016 - may it be just as lovely.

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