14 Jan 2016

2016 // January 4th - 10th

Back to reality this week. Messy house, messy hair and crazy kids.

Assessing the cookbook collection, making a pile to donate and making a more determined effort to use others.
New ink for the big fella this week - to commemorate his 100 mile ride.

M this week. Enjoying down time before back to school, enjoying learning about space and still wanting cuddles.

and pickle pants this week. getting into mischief as per usual.

A full fridge signalling that we are back on the eating good - oh and finishing off the wine in the house.

Brothers this week. They are interacting so much more now. Little adores his brother.

Reading : Harry Potter and Chamber of Secrets
Watching: Midsummer Murders. 
Listening: Still loving Justin Bieber Sorry
Eating : Best thing this week was my creation of Pork Shoulder Curry with lentils and butternut squash

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