24 Dec 2015

Days Out // Kidzania

There's are some places you take your kids too that your always amazed they are excited to be there and then some places you go to and your just as amazed as them. Kidzania was most definitely the latter. I had researched online and looked at the pictures but nothing prepared me for getting there. It is like it says on the tin a miniature city - everything is there but smaller - not small as in dolls house but small as in the perfect size for busy minds and hands. M was in amazement walking through the door - he was literally bouncing. From the moment he got his Kidzos (The local currency in which the kids earn or spend when in the city) to finding his first job (learning about recycling clothes) Everything is geared towards the kids and adults are allowed no entry or no queuing on behalf of the kids.

M experienced so much this day. He worked as a coureir, making cadburys chocolate, being a journalist and working on a radio station to taking his pilot training.

Everything was so well planned and organised. It was clean and the staff were so helpful. You were encouraged to let the kids just run and enjoy and you were able to track them via our synced rm bands. The staff were really emersed in the whole culture of the place and just smiling the whole time.

The were officcial photographers walking around and at the end we scanned our arm bands and were able to see the photos of what M had got up to during the day. And oh my do these make me happy - just look at that smile,

The whole experience was worth it and we will be planning a return trip - M is banking on it a birthday treat in February. It was all about the kids and thats what makes it so special. And if you visit between now and the 6th January it is all festive with lights and Christmas tree s - and Christmas Parade.

It was perfect for M and I can see lots of visits in our future years. It really inspired him and he was so fully involved in everything. There wasn't much for N but he enjoyed running about and the baby area which is only open at set times.

And with that - have a merry Christmas.

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