1 Jan 2016

2016 Goals

In the spirit of new year lets get my brain in order and set out some life goals for the next year.
  • Eat well  // Yes I would like to loose a few pounds (no shocker there) but I want to eat well. Eat good food, try new things and enjoy cooking and being in the kitchen.
  • Shift some pounds // I'm never going to be skinny but staying in a shape that I'm happy with that's what's important to me. I'm not one for the gym but making small changes. 
  • Use my cookbooks // I have a slight cookbook addiction I will admit that. In conjunction with the first step eat well I want to use and learn and be inspired by the cookbooks I have. I don't want to feel guilty about baking a cake I have never tried before or making a feast for friends. I want to learn, explore and grow my skills. Just because I bake a cake does not mean I will eat all that cake. Trying to find a balance by doing what I love and cooking good food and then eating healthy with breakfast and lunches. It will be a challenge on my willpower for sure.
  • Learn about wine // This sounds stupid - but I do love a glass of wine. But I have no idea on wine, the flavours, the pairing. I want to know more. I love to learn new things, and this is something that has been nagging about in my brain for a while.
  • Blog well // not better as I was first going to type. I blog ok, I am not a professional - but I often feel ashamed or embarrassed about putting my words down on paper. I apologises about being me, which is silly. So I want to blog well, record my thoughts, feeling, my parenting highs and lows.
  • Tidy //  A simple word and with the impact Marie Kondo is making on the world (however I cannot be that extreme!) But I want to get things in order - we have lots of stuff and by doing little and often I think we can make a difference on our lives.
  • Read // last year I see myself the challenge to read 12 books in2015. And I did it. I want to do the same this year. 
  • Be Happy // a big one for me. I suffer greatly with feeling like I'm not good enough. And it's so hard sometimes. But I know that really I am good enough. And that's ok. So I want to try harder to be happy. 
There ends my general goals for this year. May it be a good one. 

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