31 Dec 2015

2015 Goals // In Review

As 2015 comes to a close, time to take a look at the goals I wanted to achieve in 2015.

* be more social // I think I'm a nervous thing and worry a lot. Which makes me shy away from things. I should be brave.

I DID THIS!! Sort of. In 2015 I joined the PTA at the school and attended some local WI meetings. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and tried hard to be social.

* get healthier // I really want to shed some pounds. I want to improve again my eating. Make myself feel better. I am never gonna be a size 10 but I can trim down. 
 First part of the year was better for this (the before we got evicted part!) but I lost 1.5 stones by following slimming world. I will try and get healthier again, get back in shape and get the eating back on track.

* read more // same goal I had last year. I enjoy it. I need to make time for it. 
 Tick!! Achieved! I read 12 books in 2015 - I plan to do the same again in 2016.

* take time out // I'm busy a lot of the time. I'm always thinking a million miles ahead. With twenty million tabs open in my head. I need to try not to feel guilty when I do little things for me. It's ok. I'm allowed. 
 Never really going to happen, but I do try and have some downtime - I have been trying to make time for just me.

* more dates with hubby // we've got through the first year of babyhood with N. He's much more a little boy now. We need to try now take some time out for just us. To reconnect our relationship. And eat in restaurants that don't serve chips!!
 We had a few - not many. A few.

* drink more water // I'm a caffeine fiend. I need to try chase up my caffeinated drinks with a glass of water. It will help me feel better. 
 First half of the year again was better for this.

* tidy more often // doing small bursts of tidying at regular intervals means it's less likely to get on top of me and overwhelm me
 I'm getting better at this. With the move and setting up a new home it has to be done

* be more organised // I'm a big disorganised mess most of the time. I need to try harder. 
 Still falling apart at this

* menu plan // it works for us. I know it does. I need to get back into the habit. 
 Mostly yes this did happen!!

* enjoy // I think this will be my word for 2015. I need to enjoy life, the big things, the small things and everything in between. I find it so easy to focus on the begrudge. I need to look past it. Find the good. 
 I think 2015 had a fair few lows but quite a lot of highs too. I think looking back the year has been hard, its been tough, its been emotional, I've cried a lot. But overall I do see the happy in the days that have passed. I got through it, made it to end - in mostly one piece.

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