30 Dec 2015

2015 Crafting Aims // In Review

2015 was a busy year - and life just was too busy at times that time for me or my hobbies was low. But what did I want to achieve in the past year in terms of all things Craft - did it happen?

* knit a jumper for me // it's a big project. It's something I've never even thought of. I asked for the wool for Xmas. I've picked a pattern. Now just to give it a go. 
No. is the short answer. I have the yarn, I even started it - but it just never moved forward. Time and other things stood in the way of me making a good dent in this and getting it finished
* finish my goddaughters cardigan // it was meant to be for Christmas. That never happened due to poorly children, crazy life and sore hands. 
YES!! I did this! yay go me!
* finish my gumdrop socks // I'm on the second sock. I love the pattern. 
Yup - this is a tick. I finished them. Happy times.
* cast on my trailing clouds tube line socks // only once my other socks are finished. 
So this is double edged, yes I did - and I even over the past week completed the first sock. However the sizing I had screwed up completely and made a right hash of it. I tried knitting toe up and I just never got into it. With great sadness I frogged the lone sock. Instead I have cast on some long fingerless arm warmers  - I can then admire the yarn on my arms and not stuck in my shoes.
* knit a shawl // I have gorgeous hand dyed yarn that needs to be knitted into something pretty. 
No - this was a non starter - didn't even start it. or pick a pattern. Zilch.
* knit a toy // I've got books and books on them. I need to try and do one and not be scared 
Another no in my list.
* document our 2015 // I love the system I applied for last year. I want to do the same
Yes! My album is so nearly complete - the photos are mostly printed or planned and it is all there. Using my Keep It Simple approach.
* do some 12x12 layouts for 2014 // I love looking at them. Creating them. I have the supplies. 
Yes - I did this. I have a album of stories from 2014. Its a happy thing. A few gaps but again the photos are slotted in.
* finish my Once Upon A Time cross stitch sampler // I adore this and really want to slog on and complete it. 
NO - but I have picked this up this last week of December - so you never know.
* finish my halloweentown sampler // as above. 
* finish my christmas sampler // notice a pattern. 
* story time sampler // I've bought the pattern and kind of excited to start a new one. But thinking I might do these as individual pieces and mount in hoops rather than one large piece. 
* use evenweave // I've never tried it. I should as it looks so pretty 
The above is all a NO. No cross stitching for me this past year. But now we are settled maybe. Just maybe.
* crochet some prettiness // I have no blanket on the go (but I am leaning towards a large granny type one!) so small crochet projects of prettiness might be the way forward. 
Yes, I started the Sophie's Universe which is so beautiful and I love it. But need the time to get my head back into this.
Overall this list isn't as shocking as thought it would be. I have also this year braved using a sewing machine and upped my sugar skills with some cake decorating. I have achieved a fair bit of crafting love this past year - roll on 2016.

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