1 Nov 2015

When I grow up // me

Do you remember being asked that question as a child? It filling you with such excitement and wishes. I've started asking my eldest these questions now too. And his answers change daily or hourly sometimes. His lists of his dreams and aspirations are altering with his experiences in life and the people he meets.

I would of never of guessed or even given the answer that I would be working in flexible benefits. That I would be making this my career. That I would be working part time and juggling meetings and planning with school pick ups and more planning. 

When I was smaller the first job I remember wanting to do. To give as the answer to that question. It was fashion designer. I loved drawing models and designing crazies concoctions. I got for Christmas one year a fashion wheel, and man oh man I was happy. Spending hours mixing and matching. I'd draw on bits of paper and make my "designs". As I got older I wanted to be on stage (this was during the period I took tap classes!) I would make up dance routines, watch music videos and well loved video tapes of musicals and the Royal variety performance. I'd dance along in the front room with music blaring. Crazy to think back to those times. This then turned into a want to be a red coat/havenmate. We holidayed at caravan parks each year and I would sit in awe watching them dance and sing on stage. As a small child there is something quite mesmerising watching them on stage. 

As I moved into secondary school, thoughts and plans of what I actually wanted to do when I grew up became more serious. I dabbled with being journaist. I enjoy writing and have always done. I thought this would be my calling. Not to be (but I suppose there is nothing stopping me homing my writing right here?) At school I enjoyed learning. I've always wanted to read and learn something new. But when the decision came to pick for college I decided against the academic. I'm not sure why. Maybe I was scared. I always worry not being good enough. Even at a young age. I picked graphic design. It was creative, with a touch of business and history thrown in. 

As I reached the end of my course the decision came to be do a carry on this path. I ended up doing just that. But before that I seriously considered training as a teacher. My previous studies made it tricky. I researched and my choices as teacher were very limited. I really wanted to be a primary school teacher, it was something I felt I had a passion for. Obstacles were put in place stopping that happening. My previous learnings made the choices were tricky. However still I think about it. Thinking how much I would enjoy doing that job, moulding minds, planning lessons, helping children grow. I'm not saying this is easy - I have plenty of friends who are teachers and having a class full of my children well sigh that would need patience. But it still something nagging at the back of brain. 

I'm happy with the choices made. And the job I have works really well for our situation, they are brilliant and I have a fantastic team around me. 

But think how different things would have been. If I ended up down a different path. 

Bet that's something you never knew about me. 


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