4 Nov 2015

Stories behind the photos // October

Looking back through my camera roll from October there has been some happy memories recorded.

A spur of the moment family trip to Brighton, a favorite destination of ours - even before the boys made an appearance. Granted before them it was more quick trips to the seafront for fish and chip dinners - now its more early morning breakfast trips on the seafront, rides on the pier and fish and chips before hometime. We managed to fit in a wander round the lanes without much complaints from the biggest, who would of rather spent his time looking in to shops rather than homewares and fabric shops. It was a lovely day.. We spent time just us - this is rare in our busy lives. I have happy thoughts looking at this picture. After our summer that never was it was nice to head to the beach - and the sun even shone for us.
We are slowly adjusting to life here in the new place. We are fitting into new routines and balancing changes across the board. One of the things I do truly love about this flat is that each room has lovely big windows. We get the sunlight most of day which fills the place with natural light. I love natural light and it makes me feel happy. As I sat on the bed with the pickle as he nodded off to sleep I watch the light stream across him, making it such a pretty sight. 
Sitting on top of Boxhill, looking out over fields and counties and taking in the massive expanse of sky in front of you, looking at the small people and trees below, watching as what looks like a toy train chugs into the distance. This was one glorious Sunday afternoon with sun streaming down. We wandered, laughed, held hands, the kids roamed free - and I had a minor panic attack as I watched little man run after his brother. Dream big boys the world is at your feet.
And lastly this pickle turning two. This was a lot more tricky to try and capture than when he was 1, but just as fun. He is such a character and is very cheeky little chappy. We sat for about 15 minutes replacing him, asking him to smile, giving him food, getting his attention, making him dance. We may not have captured the most brilliant of photos but we got some to remember this moment. He is such a happy little fella. The photos are not great, the lighting is off, there the plate of bribery food to right, the pumpkin is not facing forward. But sometimes a photo is more than something perfect. Photos are more than just photos - these are our memories.


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