9 Nov 2015

Review // Snazaroo Face Paints

We had lots of fun at N's Gruffalo tea party on Halloween. And I had fantastic plans to face paint the kids faces in all manner of fun things - I was pinning ideas all over the place, looking for inspiration. And the fantastic team at Snazaroo sent us this fantastic bundle of goodies. I was so looking forward to it - but little man decided that actually people with their faces painted is actually terrifying. Therefore my grand plans of face painting excellence were dashed. Instead we had to have some fun when the smallest boy was napping - to avoid a full scale meltdown.

These products have been leaders in their field, they are well trusted and make excellent quality products. These fantastic "mini" sets they do provide a selection of colours and products to be able to create a variety of faces. You get a great step by step guide to create faces from a pirate to a robot to a pumpkin. But what really took the interest of the biggest boy.
Creating these faces is both easier and more difficult at the same time - with a little boy who does not want to sit still - painting the details on a wriggling little boy was tough. But the steps were easy. A white base, then some black details and fangs and then a a few red touches to complete the look. I added some grey circles under his eyes to give him a sallow look to is face.

He loved it - but once the little one woke up from his nap man oh man did he scream. We shall be saving these for when he is not about I think.

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