8 Nov 2015

Our Week // Week 44

 I have been keeping on top of the weekly recording our lives, turning them into photo collages, saving them onto my phone. What I am a bit "behind" on. The actual uploading of them, printing them out and converting them into pages in my albums. My process is still working for me, and I think it will pan out to end of the year - and I will carry on with this approach next year. The album is filling up nicely, i'm picking photos from the week and the little snapshots of our little lives are being recorded. That's the important part. So much of our lives are now held in the pictures in our phones or cloud drives. But having them printed out is something a bit different, more like your holding the memories in your hand. 

I made lots of one and one time with the dude this week. He really is growing so big. I want to be a part of his life, and sitting down with him and chatting to him about his day or his thoughts is getting much more interesting now he is remembering more of his day from school. I spent half an hour laying in a cozy corner with him watching digimon, we had a coffee date before his kung fu class which was interesting as he told me all about his day and them we did some lego building - he was making a dr who dimension space ship thing. I think.

This pickle - well hes a pest. Mondays are now spent me, he and his nephew who is 2 months younger than him. Its full on fun!! Its nice to give these boys some time to become friends, they are really starting to play with each other - its very sweet to watch. We had a dinner out with nanny - one of his fave things to do! Two days a week my mother in law looks after him, and he rules the roost - but collecting him is one of the funniest things. We have had lots of snuggles this week and silly selfies. He is also a climber - a climber of expect proportions. Drives me up the wall. He has been obsessed with watching Breakdance this week - we have watched it a lot. His love of music is infectious.

weekly round up

Reading // Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets
Watching //  How to get away with murder (thank you netflix)
Wearing // I've been getting into PJs straight after work - dark nights.
Eating // Favourite thing this week I made was some lemon chicken in the slow cooker with some egg fried rice.
Baking // just some simple cupcakes this week - for a lesson on Icing for a good friend. 
Making // nothing much due to sheer exhaustion and being busy - but a moment of achievement - I managed to get out, set up and create a superhero costume as requested by the boy!! go me!!!
Buying // This week has been all about Christmas prep - I've bagged two bargains on toys for the boys, plus made a start on stocking fillers - and a couple of cute new home 

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