6 Nov 2015

Mummy Notes // Right Now

I often most these real life right now currently type things on my instagram. ( did you know I love instagram - I have just set up a blog one, just trying to get my head round having multiple accounts) I love these slices of life. These are the stories that in years to come will be of interest to me, the kind of thing that when it appears in your timehop you are like wow, remember when we had to take a week off work as M had chicken pox, or when we had the flood and had to rip up all the carpet (both true stories)  

To quote Ferrier Bueller 
"life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it"

Right now  -  I am sitting on the sofa, with my laptop. My eyes are all puffy and sore where I am drained of energy. I can hear the soft snores of the littest one, which is a welcome sound seeing as hour ago he was screaming down the house as I was not his dad. I had to lay with him and stroke his head all while humming "Somewhere over the rainbow". Hes asleep on our bed. Before we moved I never really "put him to bed" he would just fall asleep in my arms or on the soda and be carried into bed. Now however we have a more set in stone bedtime, but due to the ladder from the bunk beds, and he being an a pickle when awake, he gets put to bed on our bed and M in his bed. Then once he is asleep the transfer to bed is completed. How long either of them will stay in their beds before declaring they need to be as close to mummy as humanly possible - who knows.

Right now - I am in my pjs, since getting in from work, then an impromptu PTA meeting, I changed asap from my dress to PJs. Oh the comfort. I have my hair in an an Elsa braid, and taking some painkillers. The kitchen is fairly tidy - dinner tonight was slow cooker lamb stew, cobbler topping and potatoes. I really need to get up and sort some washing before I crash in bed. 

Right now - I am enjoying the peace. I had very noisy then very whiny children this evening. Testing my patience. But I am thankful for their difficult sides. M incessant need to ask Why after everything, show his inquisitive nature and thirst for the answer. N temper tantrums to be held shows how much comfort being in my arms gives him, as he snuggles close and pats my back. I am thankful I managed some time with just me and M this evening - listening to him read makes me so happy. 

Right now -  I'm already thinking of my long to do list. Things that whiz round my head and I mentally tick up. The information I store away and have my mental checklist. Trying to remember all the places I need to me, things I need to do and then the sub list of all the things I would like to do, I am always busy, always moving and this maybe why I am always tired.

Right now - Another working week has finished. I am yawning and debating the age old question wine or tea, tea or wine.


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