7 Nov 2015

Brothers // October

What is lovely about having two, is watching the two of you become friends. As a baby M was gentle, caring and would ask lots of questions. As the baby grew older and more mobile the nuisance to M increased tenfold. M was still quite little and N just wanted to play. We have had a fair few of he touched this, he took this and he broke this. As they both grew M patience with his brother, and understanding you need to wait has increased too. The interest the N shows in his brother and his toys has grown from a mere annoyance to M to actually showing an interested in what he is doing. N then replicates these activities and ideas. Now we are at stage where I give a snack to N and he demands a second one to give to his brother. Little man is not very talkative really  - but one of the few words he can say are his brothers name. N like to walk on his own, but only to hold his brothers hand. They love to cuddle and we have caught them more that once snuggled on the sofa, or on the little armchair. 

These two really do love each other - Sure I am expecting the fights and arguments really soon. But for now it is pretty special. Seeing how excited you are to see each other, the silly games you play, the cuddles you sneak when no one is looking, the way you hold hands or dance together. You really are becoming friends.

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