1 Aug 2015

Moving // The night before the day.

The night before the day has arrived. We are surrounded by boxes, kids shipped off to inlaws. We've pulled out the TV unit and found a million toys, we've thrown away bags of rubbish, we've sorted through baby clothes and donated books to charity. I've eaten all the things I shouldn't, I feel sad and nervous. It's been a real horrible last few weeks.
We have packed up our lives we made in this house ready to move on. I feel so apprehensive about it. Mainly as the decision to leave was not ours. That choice was taken away from us. I've not made my closure we leaving our first family home. Where we brought our babies home too, where they learned to walk, where we paced and rocked, where my waters broke, where we laughed and played, where we grew together., where we became the 4 of us. Where our lives have been. I'm so extremely sad about leaving our lives here. 
Goodbye little flat. Here's hoping the next adventures are just as much fun. 



  1. Good luck on your next adventure, I'm sure there's lots of new memories ready to be made xx

  2. As long as the four of you have each other, you'll always have home with you x