8 Oct 2015

Hand, Foot and Mouth // aka the poorly pickle.

You know that thing they talk about. A parents intuition, a mothers instinct  - that moment before something happens you just know. Like the baby rolling off the bed and you catching, getting the sick bowl before that moment or waking up just before the kids wander in. Granted this is not an everyday occurrence for me but sometimes it's like wow. I had one of those moments this week.

The weekend the little one (aka poorly pickle) had been off colour. Not quite himself. He'd just got over (another) cold and was feeling better but something was not right. His little cough and sniffles persisted in the night. A high temp on him and a really awful couple of nights. I even rushed him to the doctors. But I knew it wasn't just so. 

He wasn't just experiencing eczema, these spots were appearing fact and raised and angry and man oh man was he Grumpy. Over everything. Literally nothing I did was right. 

It was nagging at me, so after sharing some symptoms with a lovely doctor friend of mine we got to the diagnosis. Hand foot and mouth. Oh gee it's been awful. His mood has been horrible. His sleeping awful (over two nights I managed 9 hours and I had work in between. I drank a lot of coffee) however we are finally (hopefully) nearing the end. The spots are healing and ok old scabby boy looks like a Dalmatian it means we finally might have our happy boy back. Who will sleep in his own bed and not on top of our covers. 

I'm so thankful for what's app, and nhs direct, asda pharmacies which are open late, and free prescriptions for creams, and grandparents who help out, and free coffee at work, and Diet Coke, and a husband who was able to get time off work, and DVDs to keep little one happy, And ginger cream biscuits, and cups of tea, and medicine, and painkillers. 

And big olé'yay with a cherry on top for a little poorly pickle feeling better. Boom 
goes the canon. 

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