5 Oct 2015

GBBObloggersbakeoff // Chocolate Tart

With one thing or another I've not been able to take part. Life sure gets busy. However I couldn't pass up chocolate week.
And my inspiration a new found classic combination of chocolate and peanut butter. ( I have a slight obsessions with sweet chocolate and salty undertones!!)

I made a chocolate dough using eggs and cocoa and let it chill, before pushing into a tin and baking. Once the case had chilled a little a spread a layer of crunchy peanut butter, the tesco own brand one is fab. Lots of crunch and salt!! Before adding a mousse type mixture of sugar and eggs and adding in melted chocolate and butter. Poured this on top of the peanut and baked until set. As soon as I took it out the oven I dotted the top with mini peanut butter cups!

This is so good. So good I need to take it into work to avoid eating it all myself. It's really rich and packs of chocolate punch! The chocolate dough is so crispy would make lovely biscuits. (I may have nibbled the offcuts with a cup of coffee while cleaning the kitchen)

Linking up with the bloggers bake off Mummy Mishaps and Baking Queen and the end is near! Sob. 

Also I got all the ingredients from tesco and they have some fancy is baking recipes on there site. I also picked up some of their new flavouring extract. Salted caramel. Yes please! 


  1. This looks lovely, brilliant flavour combination too!

  2. That loos really good, peanut butter cups are the best!

  3. mmmm i love chocolate and salty things too and this looks amazing! yum i could happily dive on in right now! x thanks for joining in x