7 Sept 2015

GBBObloggers2015 // Sugar-free carrot cake

This week challenges, as inspired by last weeks Great British Bake off - as either a sugar free cake, gluten free pitta or a dairy free arctic roll. I'm not very good a bread and the freezer is pretty full at the moment, so cake it is. I used the recipe from the most recent British Bake Off book - Celebrations. As the sugar substitute you use agave nectar. Its a on odd thing, quite runny in consistancy with a slight taste of honey in it. This was mixed in with the carrots and eggs to make the wet mixture before adding in the flour etc. 
The cake did not look that great raw - a mixture of carrots and sultanas and walnuts. But all these added into the mix made of a a very full cake. I split the mixture between two deep cake tins lined at the bottom with some baking paper.
It baked really well but was quite soft in texture, i cooked it a bit lower in heat as I didn't  want it to burn, but the even the bottom or sides there was no crust. It was cooked through but the texture was not the same as a cake with sugar in. The frosting was a mix of cream cheese, butter and maple syrup, It made for tangy filling and the maple flavour went lovely with the cake filling. The cake had a surprisingly creamy taste to it - but it went down well by me and hubby once the kids were in bed for sure.

I don't think I will be giving up sugar in my baking for good - but it was nice to try something new. 

I got all the ingredients for the cake from Tesco and check out Tesco Real Food for more recipes to inspire you.

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  1. Looks lovely, I make a sugar free banana bread just universally ripe bananas and sugar free brownies using dates to sweeten....cakes I go with sugar!!

  2. wow that cake looks epic! it rose really well and the topping looks lovely - i have made a topping like that for a pumpkin cake (I think) and the maple syrup does make for a yummy topping. i have used that agave nectar - shame it costs so much more than sugar! Thank you for linking up xx

  3. Carrot cake really is a favourite of mine! This one really does look amazing! I would love a slice please :-) x #GBBOBloggers2015