4 Aug 2015

our life // week 30

(I love these weekly round up posts. I just struggle posting. Must try harder- and I've been trying to finish this for the past 3 days!)

Things have been really tough of late for us. In comparison to others things are probably all minor but in our lives to me things have been hard. Knock after knock. I can see a correlation in how unhappy I've been to how few photos I take, how little crafting I do. Things are starting to look brighter thankfully.  So what happened last week?
Our summer holidays are busy. I can't just spend the days with the kids and the weeks revolve around ferrying and dropping children off at correct places. But there was all sorts of happy here. A few moments of snuggling. Seeing his enthusiasm to write stories has been lovely. We wrote one together called the vary hungry dragon, who ate a castle, a king and a princess. Maxwell drew the pictures! Plus I took the cheeky boy off to our local indoor children's play centre KidSpace. It's not the cheapest entertainment around but it made this crazy boy happy. Plus mummy got some down time with my knitted and my book while he whizzed down slides, scaled walls and had a right old merry time. 
This pickle is growing so quick. He's such a cheeky thing. He loves music and his favourite thing to watch is musicals. Loves them. His current favourites are hairspray, Annie and bugsy Malone. He's a little prickle at bedtimes but once he's asleep you can move him anywhere. So for an easy life I let him fall asleep next to us. He had a sleepover with his cousins at the weekend. There is 8 weeks between them and this cute little boys curled up together. I hope there friendship grows. 

These two cuties are spending the summer at various places and people. But they love being together too. Just lol at them. And M went on a treat day out with my parents to Hop Farm- he had a blast

My big fella did awesome and cycled 100 miles round London and Surrey in a time of 7hours and 1 minute! I spent the day mooching about in London. Walking (37,000 steps of walking) coffee shops, knitting and reading. 


Reading // The Mozart Conspiracy 
Watching // Pretty Little Liars on Netflix
Eating // Yo Sushi (hubby first and definitely not the last trip!)
Wearing // an awesome purple dress I got at Christmas last year and it got lots of love at work this week
Crafting // picked up my Sophie Universew crochet blanket and my socks this week 
Doing // lots of packing! 

Hope you had a good week.

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  1. Oh I absolutely loved writing stories when I was younger! Make sure you keep them so he can see them when he's older. I still have mine. Cringey but so cute. Your kids are beautiful!

  2. Looks like your having a fab time, keep taking the pics and writing to remember the memories! :P

  3. Lovely memories being made. Are you going to correlate your blog into a family diary type thing eventually? It will be so sweet to look back on.

  4. It sounds like you had a very busy week. I keep meaning to do a weekly update blog post but by the time I get round to it it's the next week!

    Anyway, you have reminded me to go and watch Pretty Little Liars. I'd forgotten it was on Netflix #babybrain.

    Laura x

  5. fantastic that your making such great memory's x

  6. So Sorry things have been bad for you recently, I hope life is treating you better now ?
    I think it is lovely that you write stories together, what lovely memories you are creating :-)
    I am also impressed by the knitting......by anyone knitting ! I have tried so many times but always fail. I have the talent of being able to gain 32 stitches in one row without anyone watching being able to figure out how I do it !!
    I love other crafts though, and am just getting in to needle felting which is so satisfying...therapeutic and creative, so very good as 'me time'
    Its lovely to see pictures of families having fun, out doing things, together, not just watching tv or playing on gadgets, and they are gorgeous kids with contagious smiles :-)
    Thanks for sharing this with us,
    Sarah x

  7. Oh so sorry to hear things have been bad. Life likes to challenge us. Love all the photos though looks like fun. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme