13 Aug 2015

Moving // We are in

It has been nearly a week post move, and we are in. We are (mostly) settled. And yes I did get upset on moving day. I know this move is for the best and it will be ok - but I am still so very sad to have had to say goodbye to that flat.

But no dwelling.

New place. New start.

I will try and share some more once things are more in order - its a slow process and I am spending way to long browsing home decor shops and pinterest. I'm coming to terms with the change in space and getting use to the steps to the flat, having to recycle our food waste and having a kitchen with so much storage ( A kitchen post will be on the cards I am sure!!) There are aspects of each room which are currently not finished (As I type looking at a stack of boxes in front of me, and the boys room things are in just not organised and our bedroom is not sorted) But little pieces are coming together  - like a new home for my cookbooks, which makes me crazy happy each time I look at it. The unit is more Us all now we have moved, as their are shelves which display the husbands passions now too,

It has not been plain sailing - i have a on going issue/debate/complaint with Virgin Media (humpf!!) and our wardrobes from Ikea just fell apart as the guys tried to move them. But we are making small steps into making this new flat our home. We are officially Croydonians.

It been an upheaveal and so very hard at times. I am thankful for all those that have listened to me moan, cry, complain and worry these past few weeks and I'm sure it will continue for a fair few weeks more. Please bare with me. I find these things hard.

That's me for now. We are in Whoop!!

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