15 Aug 2015

Movies on the Move with Twentieth Fox Home Entertainment

We parents have all been there. Your on a long drive or trip - and along with the planning and packing of all the usual holiday paraphernalia (trunks, towels, chargers etc etc) The next throught which pops in my head - How will i keep these little angels entertained? The usaual suspects - colouring books, crayons, travel games... next thought Technology, which is now so much quicker and easier than every before. And so much more accessible.

We are big fans of movies in this house and now the team over at Fox Home Entertainment are working in conjunction with Gatwick Airport offering holidaymakers the chance to use the free high speed wifi to be able to download on the go. Head straight over to the digital download area (in the childrens soft play area in the south terminal) and connect to the Movies on the Move wifi - then you will be directed to the Fox Movie download page  - there you can browse a selection of movies like Penguins of Madasgcar, Night at the Museum:Secret of the Tomb, How to Train your dragon.

And even if your are not jetting off on your holidays you can still get an awesome deal by downloading the Movie of the Day app - its free to download and each day offers you the chance to download a Fox film at a discounted price, keep an eye out for a bargain.

I've downloaded the Penguins of Madasgar and The Night at the Museum - perfect distraction for the boys from the rainy days and the recent move. The boys love having some chill out time with film ( sure at the moment their favorites are musicals!) and who doesn't love a snuggle on the sofa!? Or in your brand new bunk bed if you are 5 years old!!

Other essentials I am keeping on hand to keep them entertained - colouring books and colours, a travel game of connect 4 is a big hit (thanks Fox for those!! Little Nat is loving this as much as his brother!) plus lego in various stages is helping me survive these last few weeks of the summer holidays.

Enjoy the film nights, and let me know what films you have downloaded.

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  1. Ooohhh, I didn't know about this! Gonna download some films tonight. Thanks.