14 Aug 2015

GBBOBloggers2015 // Double Chocolate and Nut Biscotti

Exciting time of year - new bake off to watch, talk, bake and blog about . Oh happy days.

Along with some other lovely talented bloggers and bakers I am planning on baking along with Bake Off- one way to put my new kitchen to the test hey? Seeing as we were moving in Week 1 I missed Cake week (sads - but I still might try my hand at a Madeira Cake)

This week on The Great British Bake Off the challenges were:

  • A signature Biscotti 
  • A technical Arelens
  • A showstopper biscuit box and biscuits.

Seeing as this was the first run out in my new kitchen I thought it would best to keep it simple - I'm sure I will up the complexity as I get used to my oven (at least I hope so). Biscotti of some sort it was - I did some browsing for inspiration and found it in an old Bake Off cookbook (winning)

These bakes (i'm hoping) will also coincide with a little challenge set my a lovely lady on instagram Ladybugnina - she has recently completed a personal challenge of cooking at least one thing from every cookbook she owns. Now I have a serious cookbook addiction, but I think I could do this too. I use my cookbooks a lot but thought it would be fun to try this too. I'm using the hashtag #useyourcookbooks if your'd like to play along...

Now seeing as Mr Hollywood was so anti the chocolate biscotti last night, I thought I would laugh in his face and try my and. This is the first time I have made biscotti, and the dough was super sticky. So much so I added more flour than in the recipe. Instead of almonds I use a 150g bag of mixed chopped nut and then a bag of dark chocolate chips. They mixed in well into the dough and no sinking.
The first bake came out well. I left them to cool while sorting the boys into the bath. I think I did slice mine a bit too thick after they cooled but I did not want to make them too rock hard on the second bake (I've had rock hard one in the past and they are not great) but these have a good crunch - could of done with a little more time in the oven - but bathtimes and bedtimes came first, so they will do. They do taste yummy and i'm looking forward to one with a coffee over the weekend. I will be trying them again - I would like to do one with some dried fruit in the mix, I think the sweetness from the dried fruit will be nice.

There's me done. They have had the thumbs up from the family. I was thinking of dipping half in chocolate, but hey they still taste pretty good without it.

Linking up with the lovlies over at #GBBOBloggers2015 - roll on bread week (eeekkk)


  1. They look very tasty and a great texture. Yum!#GBBOBloggers2015

  2. mmm they look lovely and chocolatey! even better cooked in your new kitchen :)

  3. They turned out really well. Bet they taste good x

  4. They look good Lianne, I am baking them this weekend using the recipe from
    Bread by Mr H himself!! I am making cranberry nut and plain choc chip.....then on with the espresso pot :) xx

  5. Wow I really should have looked at your blog after tea! this looks amazing!