17 Jul 2015

Reception // survived

Yup. We did it. First full school year completed. We made it to the end. Through the first day nerves, and parents evening, nativity plays and Carol concerts, open classrooms and learning together sessions, half terms and mufti days, after school clubs and breakfast clubs, sports day and school fairs, book bags and reading journals. We did it. A few tears along the way. But overall an outstanding report for the boy. He's done well and is growing at such a pace it alarms me.

And me. Well I think I deserve a gold star (or at least a glass of wine) for being that mummy on duty. And there is a few things I've learned myself along he way. 

1// you will go through more polo shirts than you though possible. Some of the stains on t-shirt are not shifting for anything. By the end of the year they now look grubby and are ready for the bin. 

2// breakfast club is not so much a bad thing. M has enjoyed this so much this year, school for breakfast with a choice of cereals and breads. Winning. 

3// he will forget something almost on every pick up. Whether that's his water bottle, book bag or jumper. 9 times out 10 he will come home missing something. 

4// his book bag will be full of important notes and pictures and "work" and trying to empty them to bin without him seeing is a task in itself. 

5// he will eat everything in sight within about 5 minutes of being home given half a chance. (This is why I have to top up the fruit bowl mid week)

6// if I don't get given a slip saying that he has hurt himself you will be surprised. My clumpy and energetic boy who cannot walk straight. 

7// the school gates are not that scary and you can strike up conversation with other parents. 

8// remembering all you need to remember (permissions slips, and PE kits, and water bottles, and mufti day donations) is tricky and you need to be able to fire a quick text to confirm your suspicions. 

9// even though he is more that capable to get dressed himself. Some Mornings it is quicker and less of a stress by getting him dressed yourself. 

10// watching you grow learn and develop is process. And seeing your interests spark and light up. watching you write and draw now without prompting makes me so happy. 

Oh and finally. You will be buying more that one pair of shoes in the year. #fact 

Yay to M and making his first year a success. Grow and bloom big boy. 😘


  1. Fab first-year, it went too fast xx

  2. Fab post, my little girl is starting reception in September. She'll be fine but I am so nervous for her - so glad your first year went well xx

    1. it really did - it was such a fun year watching him grow. Hope your little one has an awesome time too

  3. Aw Bless him! :-) Well done M. And well done Mum and Dad...
    I used to buy new shoes just before they started a new school year, and two of the three used to need new ones by Christmas because of growing feet getting a spurt in December! :-D
    Have you thought about getting M to photograph his "Important" papers - as they are so precious, in case they "get lost" somewhere? You could get him a small album, and help him order the prints too? I wish I'd thought of it when mine were at school - though the look on their faces as I bring out the toilet roll Santas and Angels every year is still priceless!! hehehe. :-) Enjoy your summer.

    1. Aww thank Jude - yes I do keep some and take photographs and include them in our projeclift album. And yes we have the christmas tree decs too!!