24 Jun 2015

Kitchen Adventures // Mango & Milk smoothies

It's been awhile since I've done one of these posts. What with one thing or another my kitchen has been a bit well boring. I've been following slimming world which is a great way of loosing weight and works well. I just find myself stuck in a rut cooking wise. So post out holiday I decided to stop going to meetings, but till follow the plan. And by doing that the guilt of whipping up a cake in my kitchen was lifted!

M has been getting more and more interested in cooking and making things in the kitchen. And he has been rather amazed that his mum does know how to make bread. Go me!

This evening request was burgers (easily done and eaten by the kids!) and mango smoothies. 

Here's what we added to our smoothies

1 whole mango peeled (badly!)
1 browning banana 
1 tin of mango slices (and a bit of the syrup)
1 orange muller light
And some  full fat milk (no juice in the house!)

All whizzed up and blended together. 

He's now requested smoothies every night. Not sure how I feel about that! 


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