7 May 2015

Review // Play by Dr Amanda Gummer

 I'm a bit of a book addict. All sorts of books. And when this lovely one arrived in our post box I was rather excited - Play by Dr Amanda Gummer. A book which talks you through how you can use play with your children to help them develop and grow. 

The book is split into chapters by ages taking you through the key milestones and developmental stages. It offers advice and information on what those stages are and outlines how important play is at all these stages. It's easy to forget that simply play dress up or counting games with our little ones is more than just silly games but they create memories, they help them learn and provide a bond between you and your little ones. 

I had a read of the imagination chapter aimed at 18-24 month old as N is now in that age bracket (really!!!) it explains how at this stage their imaginations are developing and at this stage they truly believe anything is possible (like him climbing up a dining chair, onto table onto his high hair is not going to cause an issue!) granted we should keep their feet on the ground, helping keep the imagination alive provides many benefits too. 

The book outlines what development stages that may be happening and also offers advice and pointers if you feel these stages are not what's happening. It takes you through confidence, language, movement etc. the final part in the chapter it makes suggestions of games, activities and toys which will help reinforce the ideas discussed in the book.  And what does any self respecting blogger do- they head to Pinterest a create a board of course. 

I'm now bursting with ideas to try with little man- and the book has a sections throughout to write down how things went, what you want to remember and what memories you made. 

The book has lots of detail packed in and is easy to read. I would reccomend checking it out to help tailor those play sessions to develop the kids. 

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