26 May 2015

Bullet Journal // The beginning.

Naturally I am not organised - it may seem from the outset that I am - but really I am not. I'm a mess mostly, with a million thought zooming round my head with things I need to remember/do etc. I've always had issues with lists, as they make me feel more panicky as I have a long list and I cannot see the end of this list. But with our impending holiday I grabbed a notebook and starting making small lists. I've tried calendars, diaries, apps - but they never seem to work. However my system of making a few notes in one notebook and carrying about seemed to be doing the job. And rather than one massive list I started pages for different things - crudely split between Holiday, Life, things to remember.

I remembered something I had read about awhile a go, a system developed by Ryder Carroll called Bullet Journal. A system which uses one notebook, that you help track, record, remind etc. using a series of simple groupings, listings and logging.I had a watch of the video then a search of the hashtag for some ideas. I grabbed my notebook, a pen and set about a way that would work for me.

I set up my index using the pages I had already started with my life logging, popping them straight in there at the front.  Decided to setup my weekly pages with a left-hand side split into 6 grouping Saturday and Sunday into one box. Headed it up with the week we are in (which ties into my projectlife album) And marked out some key tasks/appointments that I knew would be coming up. 

I planned some icons to use for my purposes, looking at some that others had done. Adding in tickboxes makes me a little bit happy. On the right hand side I setup a little tracker of things I wanted to record - like if I read, or crafted or managed yoga. Things I wanted to be able to see visually and that making my thoughts of my week I achieved nothing, actually I did. Added in a little box to track dinners - which kick starts my meal planning for the week. Followed below with a list of other things which I should do this week, but no set day on completion. 

I like the monthly tracker and task lists - I've written out my June one, viewing it at a glance is useful. I'm able to ear mark stuff going on and track back when things need to be completed by. I've even slotted in some collection lists or books I've read, books I'd like to read, an on-going craft list of what I have on and would like to complete, (may have also added in a tracker of the stylecraft colours I own and some colour combos I like) 

Having it all in one (small) place is currently working. I've never got on with the bulk of a filofax, and this being just a small notebook slots into my bag. I've been able to add in little notes of what we did that week, reminders to do my photo collages from the week. So far this is working for me, so far - it will change I expect that, currently it serves a purpose of getting my head straight.

If you use a planner or anything, let me know in the comments - id love to see how you make yours work for you. Mine is simple, and as much as a moleskin or lechtrum notebook would be lovely - I'm making do. Little scribbles and notes make me smile. I'm getting into a habit of checking my notebook in the morning and before bed - making little updates having a read of my to do list. 

So far it is working. So far.

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