13 May 2015

Achievement list.

That's a big word right. Achievement. It's holds lots of weight behind it. It feels important. The Oxford dictionary says its means "A thing done successfully with effortskill, or courage:" that feels big. 

So I ask of you readers. What have you achieved today? What have you done successfully with effort, skill or courage? 

Want to know what I did?

I woke up when my alarm rang at 6am, even though I may have been up in the night with biggest needing a wee or having a coughing fit or just needing to climb into bed for a cuddle or I may have been dealing with the youngest as he is teething or that he felt lonely. I may have slept upside down in my bed or sitting upright on the sofa holding a poorly child in my arms. But when that alarm went off I woke up. I stretched. I did a little yoga. I showered and got dressed for work ahead of the children. I made sure they got dressed ready for school or nursery. I made tea. I dropped off children. I hugged them, told them I loved them and hoped they have a good day. They may have been all smiles about their day ahead or they may have needed that extra squeeze of a hand or kiss on the forehead. I said goodbye and left them in the care of others. 

I successfully delivered my children dressed in clean clothes with mostly clean faces to their childcare places for the day. I achieved this with effort of getting two boys dressed, with skill getting them both out the car and into seat belts through battle of tears and discussions on battle droids. I had courage as I handed over my precious boys to other people to watch over them in my absence as I left them there, without me by their sides. 

And all that was before 8am. 

Not to bad to someone who sometimes believes they achieved nothing today hey?

I attended a training course with work recently, which was all working mums - and it's amazing to listen to them talk. As we all may have different jobs, all parent different, have different combinations of kids in age and gender but our concerns and worries were so similar. It made me think more about me, and the pressures I place on myself. By stepping back and assessing my daily life I am in fact achieving lots. Even if what I'm achieving is simply getting to the end of the day in one piece. 

Now I'm writing this knowing fully well that it is hypocritical as I find it hard to find the achievement in my days when your pulling your hair out, rushed off your feet and you collapse on the sofa. But finding the achievement in each day is important to feeling your day had worth. It was successful. And what each person sees as a successful day will differ from person to person. 

What do I see or feel makes my day or week successful ? That I feel I've achieved something. 

* getting the boys in clean clothes dropped off at their school or nursery without distress or upset. 
* preparing cooking and serving a dinner. They may not always eat everything in their plates but knowing I've offered makes me feel like I've achieved something. 
*making time for each boy on there own. Whether that's a cuddle or sharing a book. Something just me and him at least a few times a week. It's M more tha N. Nat gets a lot of our attention so I try and make important time for M too. 
*making time for hubby and trying at least once a week sitting down at the table together and eating. Without the TV. Chatting making each other laugh or just sharing our day. 
* getting some good photos. This may seem irrelevant to some but capturing and recording our lives is something which is important to me. Managing to get some good shots on my phone is a bonus. Makes looking back at that week a happy thing. 
*being able to read at least a chapter within a week. Just one is successful. Anything more BONUS
*being able to do something creative. Spending a little time on one of my hobbies is important. 
* making a dent or headway in my work and being able to leave on time and knowing I've done the best I can, completed as much as I can and I've been of use while I've been in work. 
*making a time for friends and family. Self explanatory but not the immediate family unit. But more grandparents, aunties, mums and friends. A text a phone call something. 

All of these things above make my weeks feel successful ( as well as the usual housework) and actually more than not I do achieve all of the above. And more. So really I'm not doing to bad. What's on your achievement list? Please do let me know. 

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