29 Apr 2015

Week in my life // Tuesday 28th April

Tuesday is the day that is long. It's busy and packed full. And no rest and very little downtime. It's early showers and uniform battles. It's tea for travel and hand free phone calls to the hubby. It is breakfast club and in laws babysitting. It's work handbag and a full 7 hours at my desk. 

This week also includes a meal out with work friends, a cheeky glass of rose and sharing cheesecake. It was also a day of tiredness due to unsettled children. 

Things to remember 
* Tuesday breakfast club drop is lovely just me and M. Walking hand in hand and chatting. 
* Tuesday's are the day family help out with childcare. Something we are very grateful for. 
* Tuesday's mean me and hubby spend very little time together. It's hard but needed. It will change in time. 
* Tuesday's are long day for everyone involved. 

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