28 Apr 2015

Week in my life // Monday 27th April 2015

Monday's are a slower start to the week. Full of errands and tidying and getting little jobs done. Food shopping and putting away. Washing and doing. Cuddles and play dates. Pitting plants and cooking dinners. Crochet and poorly babies. 

Things to remember about right now // 
* M is wearing size 12 shoes 
* N is wearing size 4.5
* breakfast is usually a pick n mix affair on Mondays. Mainly cereal or toast. 
* food shopping gets done or delivered mainly at the moment from tescos. 
* M is doing gymnastics club after school and is doing really well
* we have a lot of stuff recorded on the TV but finding time to watch it is tough. 
* I'm crocheting a Sophies Universe blanket and started a new one for a friend at work. 
* I have a network of couple of mums and we help out collecting each other's kids. 
* M writing is coming along so well and independently. 

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