19 Apr 2015

Shop, cook, eat #1

I had intended this to 1. Have a more in depth vlog on our food shopping haul and I filmed it and the lighting was shocking! And I was running out of nap time so a quick look at what we ordered it was. 2. I wanted this post up earlier in the week but it's been a shocking week of high temps, dizzy spells and general tiredness it never happened. So forgive me.
So here is our food shop. I usually only "plan" main meals for the week up until Friday as I found I was chucking stuff away as things would crop up midweek, plus on a Friday after school we visit my mum for the kids tea and we invaiably end up home later, or with a food parcel from my mum for me and the hubby. Then over the weekend we top up in another supermarket as we are not always home for both meals due to visiting family or being out for the day.

I do an online order on Tesco (love their app!! Makes it so quick and simple to add to order. Plus 1 hour slot delivery!!) which usually arrives on a Monday. I must say substitutes are usually pretty good and I've always had good service. Works for us. I'm not opposed to actually doing the shop but I find it easier online to keep track of the spending.

This week on our menu was:

M: roasted chicken (just a small one) on a bed of carrots and leeks with jacket potatoes and baked sweet potatoes. Kids had the same too!
T: RUSH DAY and I just do dinner for the adults as the kids eat elsewhere. We had beef stir fry with noodles.
W: unexpected day off work due to a poorly pickle with a high temp. The kids had fish fingers and chips. I cooked a "bang bang pork" recipe of pork mince, chilli, garlic, 5 spice, soy sauce and peppers pakchoi and spring onions. All on top of rice. It was so good and will be on the menu again.
T: another rush night due to after school Kung fu. Kids had little pork kebabs and rice. We had a chicken tray bake using skinless chicken thighs and added baby potatoes, lemon, courgettes, peppers served with salad and seasoned all with lots of pepper.
F: kids had sausages and mash and I whipped up a tuna pasta bake for the big fella. However it was not very slimming world friendly so I had some pasta, bacon and green beans with some eggs. Random but yummy.

On top of this food we have lots of fruit for snacks, yoghurts and crisps. The usual stuff. And turning ripe bananas and Easter chocolate into a cake. 

So that's what we had this week.


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  1. Interesting to read this and enjoyed the video! I also do an online shop with Tesco and have it delivered on a Thursday. We usually top up the fruit and veg on Momday though since being on Slimming World!