3 Apr 2015

Kitchen Adventures // No Tomato Chilli

I attempted my first ever (I know I know) chilli type meal. The hubby had always been not so keen on a rice/mince combo plus trying to find a recipe type which does not involve a whole tin of tomatoes - another difficulty.

A little video of my recipe in action!

Ingredients list 

500g 5% beef mince
1 pack of Sainsburys butternut squash soup mix
3 peppers
1 large onion
4 cloves of garlic
1 packet of mild Old El Paso chilli mix
1 tin of peas and beans (we used a mix of kidney beans, black eyes peas and gungo peas)

And it's pretty much a throw it all together and leave to cook. Think it would work well in the slow cooker too. 

I served with rice and broken up taco shells as a topping/ dipping pieces. Everyone enjoyed the meal and the kids tried it no complaining. They may not have cleared the plates but the trying of the food, just as important. 

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