19 Apr 2015

Kitchen Adventures // banana and chocolate bake

An unplanned day off Wednesday  with a poorly baby meant I was home and the brown bananas kept catching my eye, alongside the stockpile of Easter eggs! Hence the urge to bake took over and I whipped up what was supposed to be a banana and chocolate loaf. However it turned more into a banana chocolate brownie loaf. 
I turned to the busy mums cookbook which is full of great basic recipes, good tips, menu plans and ideas. 
I added extra chocolate to the mixture before adding to the tin. I did bake it for about hour in the end, and had it on a slightly lower temp. 
As you can see it sunk a fair bit. If doing this again I'd do it in a low tin to get it more like a brownie. The topping was just a couple of melted down Easter eggs spread on top and some sprinkles. It's really dense and rich. And proper squidgy in the middle. Thumbs up here. 

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