26 Mar 2015

We love // the 17 month year old edition

If you anything like me you go through fads and loves of things in phases. And these change based on the child, person, season. And right now we are loving these things when it comes to our smallest one.

1. Tilda Rice packs // These are a staple on our weekly shopping. Perfect size for the kids. Quick (40 sec in the microwave or you can stir fry with them) full of veggies and they have a good shelf like. Plus the kids love them. 
2. Heinz Fruit Pouches // The last part of 2014 we spent doing some trialling of Heinz baby food products. N was not so keen on the jars - but oh my he loves these pouches. I now always keep one in his bag for those "food emergencies" plus these are great dessert option for the littlest one. 

3 Heinz Biscotti // Another one of the favourites from our trailing of goodies. These biscuits are yummy! and the perfect size and shape for little one to grasp in his hands. 

4 Mam Air Soothers // N is a dummy baby, and I know we will have a fight on our hands when we say enough is enough. However until then we love the MAM soothers - especially the Air ones. They have gaps in allowing Air flow - N will pick these ones over the others if he sees both.

5 Little Angels Nappies // we are quite relaxed in our nappy shopping in this house - i.e.. what's a good deal. But we do find the Asda ones great value, absorbent, soft for baby and all round thumbs up from us.

6 Tesco Baby Wipes // Again we are not particularly brand loyal with these but I do like these one. They are strong, not chemical in scent and are wet enough to carry out a good clean up!! 

7 Puft Crisps // These new crisps from Hula Hoops are good. All 4 of us in the house agree these are yummy. Plus they are low syn so work well with the slimming world diet I am following. 

8 H&M Pull on Jeans // My all time favourite bottoms for the boy. These are baggy enough so not restricting for little legs, pull on stretchy top so comfy and easy to get on and off, wash great and a fantastic price. All mums of boys need these in the there baby's wardrobe.

9 Mickey Mouse // N has discovered the loveable Mouse recently. We have a large one (bigger than him) that M got for Christmas one year. He likes to carry him around and if he sees a picture of Mickey he starts waving, then gives the item with his picture on (book, magazine, drinking cup) a cuddle and says aaahhhh. 

Thats what the little boy is loving (and us by extension of course, not too sure what his choice of nappies would actually be!)

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