1 Jul 2015

I am a memory keeper.

I have for many years regarded myself as a scrapbooker. I record stories. I document. Back when I began memory keeping I was profilc. I created pages and pages and albums and albums. I've recorded more of our lives than most. Our pre children lives. I've recorded I load of rubbish too. Way too much than ever would be needed. I've taken too many photos of things which are not relevant. It was more about the process. The buying of "stash" the joy of creating.

There are so many labels we give ourselves. In my daily life I think the following labels apply – mum, daughter, wife, sister, flexible benefits testing coordinator (ha!), crafter, chef, baker, knitter, crocheter, but there is one label which I feel I identify with on daily basis. Memory Keeper – In other terms I suppose Scrapbooker.  
I’ve spoken about this hobby before here, on how I have made lasting friendships, found happiness and creative outlet. Finding the “scrapbooking” hobby sure opened lots of doors for me and gave me a passion. Over years my approach to memory keeping has evolved, as you would expect as families grow, the market changes and new approaches are shared daily through blogs or pinterest or all manors of social media. 
The term scrapbook when looked in a thesaurus it says “blank book for collecting” and can also mean collection, memento, anthology, memory book.  These words all evoke such a feeling in me. Its difficult to put into words. But I like seeing the change, the growth and the past. I have always had boxes of photos and things. And having kids I now seem to have more than that. Ceriticatiates and art work, writing and school reports, birthday invites and cards, tickets and empheara. The things which make life up. I love looking at old photos and being able to remember when things happened, where we were and what we did. These little snapshots into what our life was like right then. The books we read, the people we spend time and even the food we eat. Social media allows this memory keeping to be so accessible – being able to look back at a timeline in facebook or Instagram. What did you share, who were you with. It’s a little slice of life. And as much as a lot of this online, I love to print photos, to create and to journal. Its not always about the act of recording – I do that all the time with an upload here, a note there but it’s the process of scrapbooking I enjoy. Of focusing in on a story, what happened and what I want to remember more than just it was that trip to park.

I am proud of my albums. I am proud of what I have recorded. My albums are in our front room (most of them anyway) easily accessible for people to look at. I find the kids love them. M loves to pull out an album and look at his baby pictures. This very moment makes it worthwhile.

Back in August in 2014 I talked about my renewed enthusiasm to record our family lives. http://www.littlelifeofscrap.co.uk/2014/08/projectlife-rethink.html Alot of this still applies – I completed a full photo album of photos from 2014 ordered by month. No prettiness or journaling just photos and things all together in one album of happy. Then I have one “scrapbook” album form the year. The fun thing I have found grouping together layouts by theme in the year is being able to take photos from different months in the year  and making a page (I have a selfie one planned of me and K!!)

I have a system which I like from 2014. And I’m going to try to apply the same again this year. I upload photos from the past month to photobox from my phone and then back up my photos to the cloud and the computer. Print off a large selection of photos from that month. Ones which I like the story or the photos I may print a few copies or larger. That's it once  they arrive I sort them out. Some just being added to the Februrary album some put aside for 12x12 and some just get left in the ohoto wallet and stored away on the bookshelf. I have a real not pressured approach now and add a couple of layouts here and there. And I am ok with this. 

M was watching me scrapbook the other day and asked to make a page of his own. I found a photo he liked and some paper and he got to work. 
He added some writing about where we went on this day and the film we saw. He remembered where the ohoto was taken and it was on his birthday. He then looked at me and asked. Do we put special photos in our albums mummy. To keep them special. Yes darling we do. 

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