14 Jan 2015

Our stories 2015 // back in the swing of it.

There is something reassuring to me about falling back into routine back at work and school and what not. As much as I loved our holidays together actually back in the swing of soothes my soul. I'm a funny old thing I know.
We are back in the familiar stressful busy rushed but needed routine. 

School run. Day off for me. Errands run. Food shopping complete. Washing head start. Tidy. Sit. Do something enjoyable. Maybe. School run. Dinner. Bath. Bed. Dinner. Tidy. Bed. 

Baby with hubby to inlaws in pjs. Get M ready. Breakfast club drop off. Commute. Work til 5(ish). Collect M from my mums. Home. M bed. Dinner for us. Hubby collect N. Eat dinner. Bed. 

Wednesday & Thursday 
Get both boys dressed. Breakfast club drop off. Nursery drop off. Commute. With tea. Work til 2.30(ish). Commute. Nursery pick up. Park. School pick up. Home. Snack. Dinner. Chores. Bath. Bed. Hubby home. Tidy. Bed. 

Friday. As above. Except we usually visit my mum after school. Kids fed. Then home. Our dinner. Collapse on sofa as the end of busy week is over. And the weekend is here. 

By end of weekend. I'm craving the structure of the week again. (As I said I'm a strange one) 

Our structure routine etc changes. It ebbs and flows. We have to adapt at times school holidays, parents evenings, hobbies, nights off and such. 

But right now. This is how we do. 

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