3 Jan 2015

Our December // a round up.

I had grand plans of blogging throughout December recording our story. That all changed when I remembered I was mega busy and had a poorly baby to contend with. That put a halt into many of my plans. 

Our December was full to bursting with trips out. 

We visited winter wonderland in Hyde park one Saturday evening. M was so excited to be out after dark!! It was so busy you could hardly move but M still enjoyed going on some rides and eating chips before trekking back to the car. Also we took a trip to visit the big man himself at Tulleys Farm. It was a chilly day out, bundled up we walked round and spoke to elves, watch puppet shows and drank hot chocolate. All before a tractor ride lit by fairy lights to santas cabin in the woods. M was in awe of amazement as he sat and watched santa tell a story. A real special moment. 

The tree in our front room was full of sparkling lights and brightly coloured ornaments. We have no theme just pretties. We added a few new ones this year including one with all our names on. Very special. Nat loved the tree and spent a lot of December picking the decorations off and wandering round with them. 

We had M nativity. They did two showing so me and K went to them separately. He was a shepherd. He did so well. He learnt all his songs and a lot of December was spent him seranading us with Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. 

I embraced red lippy and rocked it for a few social events including my work Christmas meal and a night out with friends. The latter involved too much wine and j├Ąger bombs. 

My little nephew turned one and my sister rocked an awesome winter ONEderland party for him. Which involved Christmas trees, inflatable penguins, cake, snow cones and a bouncy castle. The kids were exhausted afterwards (And so were the adults!)

Christmas Eve we hosted and had friends round are party food, drank cava and iced Christmas cookies for santa. We had various people coming and going. We had matching pjs and decorations. Christmas morning was awash with wrapping paper as you would expect. The kids enjoyed looking at there presents. I drank Buck's Fizz and just enjoyed the momebt. Watching their excitement. I spent a lot of christmas building lego, putting together playmobil, putting stickers on toys and generally sorting toys!! Christmas Day dinner at my inlaws followed by Boxing Day lunch at my parents. Both houses invoked more present opening, more champagne and more food. 

The bit between christmas and new year is always a bit odd. I was working some days but we did managed a little trip to blue water and a family meal out. M got himself a build a bear turtle with some of his Christmas money! Which he was over the moon with. 

Our new year was spent at home, in jammies, watching bad boys and drinking champagne. We know how to see in the new year. 

We've had a lovely indulgent December. Time to dust off and face 2015. 

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