4 Jan 2015

#littleloves // week 1

I'm reading the crows trap by Anne cleaves. It's the books that the itv show Vera is based on. I love murder mystery books and TV shows. It's weird as I'm not at all into gory bloods and guts kind of things but give me a midsummer murders, a miss marple or a whodunit and I'm happy. As one of my goals for 2015 was to read more I've been trying harder to fit the odd chapter into my day. Quite often I say I'm too tired or spend time faffing on my phone. But then I didn't when I leave a too long gap between reading I forget where i am up too. I'm signed up on the good reads app and set myself a mini challenge of reading 12 books in 2015. I know it sounds small but I thought I give myself an achievable (I hope) number. One a month seems fair. 

I was so happy when I found out that House was on Netflix. I love this show. Watched season 1-4 then never seemed to find the preceding seasons on channels we had. So I have re watched those seasons and now on season 4. Hubby got me my own kindle fire Hdx for Christmas so I've been able to fit in some watching around other bits and pieces. 

my mother inlaw got my two pairs of boots for Christmas! Lucky me!!

And my awesome bestie who lives far to far away got me some gorgeous Christmas presents of a new bracelet and a new scarf! Which I am in love with. 

Plus the jumper in that picture my brother in law got me. It's something I would not have picked for myself. One it's from topshop a shop I never go in as I also believe I am far too large to be shopping in there. And two it's a oversize jumper which I thought would look awful of me. Instead I love it and it's so comfy and cosy. 

Some yummy food mainly. Have managed a little knitting here and there!! Making progress on my crafting aims for 2015. I've rejoined slimming world this week too so I'm back to eating better and making  healthier choices. 

A lot of the bugsy Malone soundtrack. M has discovered this film and we have watched this far too many times. 

And lastly....

My boys have really started interacting and playing together. Which is rather lovely to see. 


  1. I feel the same about Topshop that its too young, skinny and trendy for me! Looks like you got some great pressies.

  2. Thanks for joining in with Little Loves, I really enjoy it when new people get on board! It looks like you got some gorgeous Christmas presents.I remember when my girls first started to interact and play together, you've captured a fab moment in that picture xx

  3. I also never go into Topshop, I think I'm too old for there!
    I love Bugsy Mallone, it's one of the films I aim to introduce the kids to this year x #littleloves

  4. We're just about to subscribe to Netflix now that we eventually have Internet fast enough to cope with it. Really looking forward to getting stuck into some box sets! xxx
    Jo (Not A Frumpy Mum) #littleloves