1 Jan 2015

2015 : crafting aims.

Crafting in its many forms is a big part of my life. It's my past time. My hobby. Something I like to enjoy. Through various crafting I've found good friends, built strong relationships and found peace and relaxtion at times.

This year I aim to :

* knit a jumper for me // it's a big project. It's something I've never even thought of. I asked for the wool for Xmas. I've picked a pattern. Now just to give it a go. 

* finish my goddaughters cardigan // it was meant to be for Christmas. That never happened due to poorly children, crazy life and sore hands. 

* finish my gumdrop socks // I'm on the second sock. I love the pattern. 

* cast on my trailing clouds tube line socks // only once my other socks are finished. 

* knit a shawl // I have gorgeous hand dyed yarn that needs to be knitted into something pretty. 

* knit a toy // I've got books and books on them. I need to try and do one and not be scared 

* document our 2015 // I love the system I applied for last year. I want to do the same

* do some 12x12 layouts for 2014 // I love looking at them. Creating them. I have the supplies. 

* finish my Once Upon A Time cross stitch sampler // I adore this and really want to slog on and complete it. 

* finish my halloweentown sampler // as above. 

* finish my christmas sampler // notice a pattern. 

* story time sampler // I've bought the pattern and kind of excited to start a new one. But thinking I might do these as individual pieces and mount in hoops rather than one large piece. 

* use evenweave // I've never tried it. I should as it looks so pretty 

* crochet some prettiness // I have no blanket on the go (but I am leaning towards a large granny type one!) so small crochet projects of prettiness might be the way forward. 

And as always I'm sure other things will crop up along the way. 

Have you any crafting plans for the year?

Enjoy it. 

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