2 Jan 2015

2014 Goals in Review.

A year ago I wrote about my goals for the 2014. I wrote about what I wanted out of my year, and seeing as 2014 is now pretty much over and 2015 is lurching towards us it's time to take a look at that list again. 

Get out more. I still struggle with this. I'm happy in my own company. I never found a baby group the right fit for us. I have made new friends through school, I've volunteered with the school and I've made it back to my local crop and attended a couple of knit nights. 

Eat well. Well this started well in the year, I worked out a few times a week, I walked more. However as the end of the year approached things have not find to plan. 

Write better. I've written some more actual pieces on my blog. And I still enjoy it. I need to make more time for it. 

Be a better blog reader. Still not great at this. Still do it in fits and starts. I know by being a more active blog reader it will only help me write more, think more and develop more. 

Step away from the social media and live life. My phone is an extension to myself. Sadly. But there are more times I put the phone away And just be.  

Read more. Think I managed maybe 4 books. I find when I sit down to read I'm nodding off. 

Make time for me. Make time for hubby. Make time for family.  Our lives are busy but we still try enjoy the times we do have together. 

Be a better mum. Still. As ever. A work in progress 

Continue to document our lives. Yes! I did this. I recorded our family. I used instagram mainly. I made facebook albums and shared photos and stories. Even managed to get some down on actual scrapbook pages. !!

All in all I think my goals where not too bad. Now what shall i aim for 2015. 

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