1 Dec 2014

Welcome Bobby GoldenTops

And of course by that introduction you must know I mean our Elf on A shelf. Right?

An American tradition which is gaining popularity here in the UK. The story goes that Santa Claus sends his elves to the boys and girls houses to keep an eye on them while Santa is in the North Pole. The elves fly home and report back to Santa letting him know if the kids have been naughty or nice. Agreed this bit is a bit freaky but M seems to have taken it in his stride and loves his elf. The big thing kids seem to love with the elf on the shelf is that these pesky elves get up to mischief while the kids are in bed. It's lovely to see M accept the magic. 

This year we decided to kick off the magic while the kids were fast asleep. We got the Christmas tree out and put it up. We also put up the lights and strung some beads on the tree. The rest of the decorations are in a bag by the tree to put on the tree, explore with and enjoy the holiday fun. Seeing as today is a Monday. A couple of decorations before school. 

We popped Mr elf into the tree with a letter. This was a risky move as kids being kids could if woken up and the surprise ruined. But it went well. 

And the morning it worked. Kids were pleased. Nat was more in awe of the twinkly lights and M was super pleased to see his elf he whisked him up and gave him a big cuddle. Against the rules I know but he was super thrilled to see him, to see the tree and we have had a morning of excitement. It makes it all worthwhile. Happy kids. 


  1. What a great idea with the tree! Enjoy your time with Bobby Golden Tops! Thank you for linking up with #ElfEscapades

  2. Absolutely love the name and rules are made to be broken - we cuddle and play with ours.
    Thanks for linking up #ElfEscapades