3 Dec 2014

Planing a little festivity.

This month is busy busy. Apart from the normal frantically finish Christmas shopping or wrap all the presents or write it the cards. We also have the following actual plans made for the coming days.

* winter Wonderland in Hyde park (after 4) so all the lights should be twinking away. M will be in his element!!

* tulleys farm Santa experience. Which includes a tractor sleigh ride 

*santa visit at the garden centre. 

*my nephews first birthday party

*school nativity

*school carol service

*christmas Eve open house which includes various baking and cooking from me! 

And who knows what else is going to crop up along the way. 

Confession. These lists and plans already make me start to freak out. Can I do it all. Can I cope. Will I get through it. Will it be ok?

Hope I'm not the only one. 

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