10 Dec 2014

Making a list.

15 days till Christmas. 15 days, two weekends left until the big day! And it's sure getting hectic. Mainly in my head. There's a lot to do and remember. I've got lists all over the place. My lists include.

* what presents have been bought (and where they are as some are squirrelled away at others houses!)

*what presents are still to buy (yes I am not organised so the shopping is not finished)

* ingriednets I need to buy to make a trifle for Christmas Day. In fact I need to research a recipe on that fact as I'm still not 100% sure how that works. 

* things I need for Christmas Eve. We're having a few people round so it's mainly party food and picky bits!

* things I would like to bake! Always over Adventourous. Poorly children meant mummy duty was in full effect so the  Christmas kitchen Adventures have not happened!

*various other things I would like to achieve or need to remember. Like my nephews birthday (and the things I need to do for the party) crochet up some teeny tiny stars (just because) write Christmas cards. And that's not taking into account the things I have to remember at work. 

Is it no surprise I feel a little all over the place this time of year!

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