2 Dec 2014

How can you tell?

The signs of Christmas have been bursting to appear since October. Halloween sweets and decorations stocked up against Christmas pudding and mince pies. Really? That's not really needed in my opinion. Mid November is when I really feel that I can start feeling festive and planing ahead for the coming weeks. But I can well and truly embrace the fact it is Christmas and it is here!! Whoop whoop.
It may have something to do with having a very excitable 4 year old bouncing about the place and for weeks has been asking is it Christmas yet, but I am definitely feeling the excitement. Seeing his face light up or him scream with joy as we are driving home and he spies Christmas lights on a house. Its infectious seeing his joy. 

I love Christmas but I do start feeling the stress the closer it gets, as my lists gets longer, as money gets lower and the time slips away as the big day approaches. I'm lucky that my sister is on hand to take my to do list off me and organise me (I am not organised, ever. Lists stress me out and panic takes over) which is a big help.

You can tell the big day is approaching as I spend my lucnh break buying wrapping paper, I ave parcels arriving regularly at home, we are given festive loveliness on pick ups from my mums  - like our brand new tree decorations, we have the Christmas tree up twinkly away, Christmas songs on the radio on the way to work and Nativity parts and words being sent home in the book bag. 

This season is a happy one even if it is busy one. I ave to keep reminding myself it is just one day and what I can achieve will be good enough, it will be enough and it will be fine. I will survive the season. And make it through the other side.

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