31 Dec 2014

2015 : Goals

What do I want to get out of this coming year. I won't be wishing to cut out alcohol or caffeine- cos that's just crazy talk. But what can I try and do better this coming year.

* be more social // I think I'm a nervous thing and worry a lot. Which makes me shy away from things. I should be brave. 

* get healthier // I really want to shed some pounds. I want to improve again my eating. Make myself feel better. I am never gonna be a size 10 but I can trim down. 

* read more // same goal I had last year. I enjoy it. I need to make time for it. 

* take time out // I'm busy a lot of the time. I'm always thinking a million miles ahead. With twenty million tabs open in my head. I need to try not to feel guilty when I do little things for me. It's ok. I'm allowed. 

* more dates with hubby // we've got through the first year of babyhood with N. He's much more a little boy now. We need to try now take some time out for just us. To reconnect our relationship. And eat in restaurants that don't serve chips!!

* drink more water // I'm a caffeine fiend. I need to try chase up my caffeinated drinks with a glass of water. It will help me feel better. 

* tidy more often // doing small bursts of tidying at regular intervals means it's less likely to get on top of me and overwhelm me

* be more organised // I'm a big disorganised mess most of the time. I need to try harder. 

* menu plan // it works for us. I know it does. I need to get back into the habit. 

* enjoy // I think this will be my word for 2015. I need to enjoy life, the big things, the small things and everything in between. I find it so easy to focus on the begrudge. I need to look past it. Find the good. 

I think that's me. What do you want 2015 to bring. 


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