18 Nov 2014

Love last week #23

I'm writing this as I feel ever so sorry for myself with a sore throat raging headache and a poorly baby with a streaming nose. But let's focus on the happy!
1// ikea breakfast with this little pickle. He loved it!! 2// makeshift snack table and chair from a little step and a toy box. 3// slow cooked pulled pork for the family. I do struggle with the meals for 4 of us due to timings and picky eaters but some days it comes together. 4// I've been wearing make up more. I look less tired and fresh faced. It's a win. 5// a story sack workshop at school with M. I really enjoyed it and loved seeing him at school.  6// wrapping up the baby for winter chills 7// the search for stocking fillers continues. 8// these two are cheeky 9// watching my dad take little man for a walk along the high street. Special moments for sure. 10// birthday party funs for our goddaughter. 11// I attempted and think I was successful at making chilli jam!


  1. Ooh I've never had an IKEA breakfast - is it good? Oh wow! I can't believe you made chilli jam!

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx

  2. Oh looks like a good week bar the poorly you and little one! Hope you're better now! Yey on the jam front I wantbto make jam too :) x