11 Nov 2014

Love last week. #22

Little Rays of happiness on my phone.

1// his use of cuterly is so good. He will take preloaded forks or spoons but also jabs away at his plate. 2// our morning routine, especially before school and nursery drops off. A bottle of weak milky tea for little and a cup of hot chocolate with just milk for big. 3// bathtime. My change is hours was so that I could do more of this stuff as stressful as it is. I also know bathtime means bedtime is not that far behind! 4// work selfie. I enjoy my job. We are in a really busy period it it's good. I'm learning to accept I can only do so much during my work hours.  5// found a big boy snuggled in our bed! 6// saturday out and about wandering the shops aimlessly. These two pickles needed feeding. 7// lazy Sunday and stealing daddy's juice bottle. 

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  1. Adorable photos! So so cute :)

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx