9 Nov 2014

Just life // Busy

I quite often get comments from people "your so busy" "your always busy" but the truth is I am quite happy at home with a hot cuppa and snuggled on the sofa doing very little if I can. I have to force myself to kick into organised mode. My housewife skills are lacking. I'm terrible at remembering birthdays or important dates. I'm forgetful. I think I'm lazy by nature but I really have to push through and be busy. There's always so much to be done. I struggle with the whole work life balance. As well as trying to fit in all the (selfish) hobbies or other pursuits. It's hard at times trying to find the right balance to being me (the real me that likes to lounge on the sofa versus the organised me I need to be. Which I have to try extra hard to be me) and go to work. Plus be in charge of my brood of boys!

Both me and hubby work hard, and the hours he works means quite often he's not home until bedtime for the boys or after bedtime. Which means a lot of the childcare, home stuff and general life stuff falls to me during the week. It's difficult for both of us - for him not seeing the boys and for me being the solo parent in charge! But these are the difficult years.  This is the time when it is a struggle. When it is difficult and we just have to get through it. Celebrating each minor achievement (like K being able to read the bedtime story, or me not being a mess after battling solo bath and bedtime) and keeping it altogether.

All of the above makes times like this more special.

Having time the 4 of us is special. Even if it is just a walk round a shopping centre, browsing in shops, grabbing lunch in BHS and having a coffee. Followed by home dinner together, bathtime done by K!! Pjs and sofa chilling before bedtime. It was not all rainbows and unicorns - going out and about with the boys comes with its own problems. Grumpy hungry tired children going in and out of shops which are all geared up for Christmas. I say M name far too many times and I get flustered easily. But these moments are still special even if they are just life. 

Life is busy. That's my default answer. How's you? Tired,busy. Both are true. Yes the days themselves can be hard. But the moments those are special. 


  1. Is there a mum who isn't tired. My default answer is "I'm tired" gone at the days when I could say "I'm fine" I;m tired all the busy and busy most of the time and I'm a stay at home mum, so I can imagine how it must be for you. Hubby works to jobs but he helps when he can. He baths lilttle ones before he dashes off to job number to, its his time with them. During the day for me its endless cleaning of spills in between nursery run and playgroup on and so forth. I'm fine but very tired and sleep deprived :0)

  2. Busy, tired - tired ,busy....it's like a mantra, but it does get easier..Just keep going as best you can. After all who cares about the dust?? xx