9 Nov 2014

Festive baking.

I love Christmas. I love baking. I love being in the kitchen at Christmas. All these things make me happy. Last year I baked/cooked very little. But I did have a 2 month old in our world which made things a little more difficult in the house of E. This year I am already thinking about what is on my festive hit list of bakes. There's a few old favourites on there but I might be on the look out for some new recipes to try (point me in the direction of your faves!!). Saying that I felt the need to pick up a few equipment based things to get the kitchen Christmas ready!! My two places I headed to for inspiration was Lakeland and HEMA. As much as I love browsing online, going in store is very different.
My new buys are :-

Chocolate Train Mould. This is new to Lakeland this year. it's a silicone mould which you pour molten chocolate into. Once set glue together with more melted chocolate. This looks so cute and creates a 3D model which can be filled with sweets. I'm looking forward to trying this out, plus it getting used at birthday parties too! 

Gingerbread house cutters. I've made a gingerbread house once. I handcut the pieces. It was not great. Therefore if like to try again and I'm hoping with cutters means it will be a little easier! 

Small fondant cutter wheel. This has 6 mini Christmas designs. Perfect for cutting out small icons or pressing into icing or pastry to add a little interest. 

Star cookie cutters. Oh how I adore stars. I love them on clothes, on scrapbook papers, on fabric. I use them all year round. I am already predicting this set of 5 will be getting some mileage in the kitchen!

Doilies. This festive set is very pretty with touches of gold. I'll use them for sprucing up some wrapping on handmade gifts passing onto friends and family. 

Cookie Alphabet Press. I have been dreaming of one of these. Being able to personalise biscuits with words before baking. I am super excited about trying these out in the kitchen with a classic sugar cookie recipe.

**I was unable to link to the HEMA site - seems they are having a few issues! 

That's my booty so far! However Ikea also look like to have some interesting seasonal bits! A trip to Ikea it looks like soon. Oh how I love it there!! 

Happy festive planning readers!

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