15 Oct 2014

Working mummy // finding my groove.

I have now been a fully functioning part time working mummy for nearly 3 months. 3 busy months. Including summer holidays, starting school, starting nursery, changing work hours, starting breakfast club and generally getting back into the swing of real life.

Our real life during the week is a busy one- not that anyone would be surprised at that! I'm adjusting to working different hours, slotting in school runs and bedtimes around traffic jams and drop offs. I survive on copious amounts of tea and diet coke. And try so hard to avoid drinking all the wine and eating all the chocolate. My busy week goes something like this.....

Monday // my one whole day at home during the week. I nice relaxed wander to do school drop of after the usual fight to pull M into his uniform. Every sentence and request met with his automatic rep once of WHY? Every. Single. Time.  After this its a few hours of me and N. We play. We have cuddles. And during naptimes I try my best to prep meals etc for the week. I usually cook a roast on Monday and while sorting all those bits I can chop, bag up and season vegetables and meat for the coming week. Occasionally having time to throw a cake or something in the oven too! Before pick up, dinner times, bath times and bedtimes. 

Tuesday // is my long day at work. Kids are with family members so there is less of panic and need to collect them urgently. The grandparents love spending time with them? Right. We divide and conquer on this day. Hubby takes N to his mums for a while day of fun with his MaMa. And I take M to breakfast club and post school my mum collects him. He loves a bit of Nanny time. She spoils him. Collection time and getting them home and pouring them into bed before attempting to rustle up something for dinner. It's a super long day for everyone involved. Also include nursery bag packing, school uniform for next day.  If there is anytime that I'm not falling asleep on the sofa I might manage a few rows of knitting. If I'm lucky. 

Wednesday Thursday Friday // these pretty much follow the same format. Breakfast club drop off, while carrying the baby with me, ensuring big had book bag, water bottle, coat- and not forgetting the breakfast club money! Then carrying baby back to car, strap him in, drive round the corner. Get him out the car. Grab nursery bag. Make sure I haven't left the dummy or the muzzie or his shoes in the car. Dispatch him into nursery in time for breakfast. Mainly leave him waving but peppered with the occasional grizzle as how dare you mummy leave me with his people who will feed me, change my bum and let me play all day!! How dare you. Quick dash back into the car and start my 13 mile drive to work. Which at the moment the traffic is ridiculous. Get to work. Grab breakfast. Start my day, no wait start my work day my actual day started at least 3 hours ago! I finish my work day at 2.30- dash to car, an adrenaline fuelled drive back home to ensure I can collect both boys in time. Collect little first, and nursery are brilliant. They know I'm collecting and dashing. By the time I get there N is in his coat, shoes in, bag ready, bum changed. Snatch him up and head back out the door. Home, park car, get buggy out, get baby out, either walk round the block or lift the buggy over the wall and jump over the wall. I'm classy but attempting to save every minute!! Dash to school and collect big. Have the usual conversation on the walk home. How was school. Ok. What did you eat for lunch. Dunno. Who did you play with. Everyone. What did you learn today. Dunno. It's thrilling. Followed by cook dinner, feed kids, tidy up from feeding kids, bath kids, dress kids, read school book, give baby bottle, get kids into bed, cook dinner for adults, tidy front room, eat dinner, wash up, sort clothes for next day. And maybe just maybe a bit of something for me. Before crawling into bed, with high possibility one or other child will wake at least once in the night and there's a 80% chance one of them will be awake before the 6am alarm I attempt some sleep. 

That's my weekdays. My new routine. It's tough. Each day is a rush, a sprint. Making progress to get to the next stage. I feel drained of course. But I am also pleased that I have got the mix of both worlds into everyday. I am coping. Just about. Each day. Slowly but surely. Getting it done. Being a mum. 

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  1. Oh I feelf or you. I returned to work my first born was 7 months old but hubby did the drop off and pick up. We choose a nursery close to wear he worked becuase I didn't (and still can't) drive. But I only stayed in full time employment for 6 months, He baby kept getting sick and both hubby and kept having interruption of work so it made most sense to leave. I'm still at home now with an additional child and I'm uncertain whether or not I'll return to work. Both children are winter babies so they will both start one year later then their peers without family support or friends near by, I don;t want to return to work untill I can drive and I have less need to worry about emergency calls due to babies well being. That means I'll probably have to retrain etc etc. I'm not dwelling on it too much for the moment. I still have at least two years home.

    I can imagine you weekends must be golden. Well done, for keeping it together :0)