18 Oct 2014

What's on the menu? #1

Love a menu plan and I've found I need to be way more organised with school/work etc. I'm trying to be more efficient in the way I plan things. I've been reading this book Busy Mums Plan Ahead Cookbook by Sarah Flower. It's a nice read full of good wholesome received, ways of using leftovers, getting ahead, planning and quick dinners. It's not a fancy glossy book with pretty pictures. It's not a coffee table cookbook. It's a book to be well thumbed, with notes in the margins and post it notes with sticky fingers. It's well organised, great index and a reference at the back to find freezer recipes, hob recipes, make ahead recipes. Examples of how to menu plan and work ahead of yourself.

Which leads me onto.....

Writing this early on a Saturday morning my plans this week include. 

Saturday // homemade pizza, ribs (ready packaged I think. It's Saturday after all) and potato wedges. M is not a big fan of pizza so I'm doing a bit of mix up. 

Sunday // zero planned. We are out and about Sunday so will either pick up some dinner or it will be whatever I can rustle up!

Monday // roast pork with mash and cabbage. Something I can leave to do its job on Monday while being mummy at home. 

Tuesday // kids eat at there grandparents today so just me and hubby to think off. Sticky pork and noodles. (With leftover roast pork!)

Wednesday // baked pumpkin and pea risotto with sausages. This recipe is from Tana Ramesy : Family Kitchen book. Her recipe is with pancetta, my boys are not big bacon fans so sausages instead. 

Thursday // lemon and thyme chicken traybake. I'm using a Schwartz packet mix. It's yummy. I'll be using skinless boneless chicken thighs,for healthier option for me and hubby. Plus the kids love it. Will add peppers, courgettes and corn on the cob into the mix today. 

Friday // we often visit my mum, sister and nephew after school. The kids eat there. So will likely be leftovers or something for us adults!



Thinking of baking some coconut and raisin flapjacks (Also from the Busy Mums books) and just maybe a Marble Cake. That should keep us all going for the week. 

Thats the plan at least. Whats on your menu?


  1. Ohh I'm liking the sound of the baked pumpkin and pea risotto....Perfect for this time of year x

  2. Love the sound of the Roast Pork. OH isn't keen on Pork so we don't buy it!

    Laura x x x